Research Projects

Graduate Students

– NOTE: graduate student involvement was discontinued in 1982 to allow development of professional doctoral program courses (Pharm.D.)and post-Pharm.D.fellowships.

1. M. S. P. A. Frisk, “Two Pilot Studies to Optimize the Availability and Utilization of Patient Medication Profiles by Linking Community and Institutional Practice Settings,” URI, January, 1975.

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14. MS Committee- Rong Jiang, MD, Department of Clinical and Administrative Pharmacy, Uga, “Beers Criteria evaluation in a Georgia Medicaid Population”. 2002-3.

Pharm.D. Students Doctoral Project
(Advisor for all Athens students 1981 to 1992)

1. Denise Donnelly (Advisor) “Anemia Prevalence in a Geriatric LTCF”, 1986.

2. Spencer Tally (Committee) “Drug Regimen Review in Private vs Public LTCFs,” 1986.

3. Tamara James Alexander “Ambulatory Pharmacy Services” Searle Fellowship Mentor, 1990.

4. Marie Annette Chisholm “OBRA and Clinical Services in the Drug Store” Searle Fellowship Program, 1991,
Honors Baccalaureate Thesis

D. E. Wilcher, Sigma Xi Student Research Award (UGA) 1982, “Consultant Pharmacist Effect on Analgesic/Antiinflammatory Usage in a Geriatric LTCF,” June, 1979.

Undergraduate Research
(past 13 years only-rest available on request)

1. Angie Dellinger, Cancer Treatment in Nursing Facilities, 1992.

2. Dwayne Ragan, Nitroglycerin Usage in An LTCF, 1992.

3. Erica Veasley, H-2 Antagonist Utilization, 1992.

4. Sherry Yu, Calcium Channel Blockers Use in LTCF, 1992.

5. Carol Vandiver, Evaluation of Atrial Fibrillation Treatment in Nursing Hone Residents, 1992.

6. Tammy Gamble, Antitubercular Drug Use in Long Term Care, 1992.

7. Sara Boyd, Nitroglycerin Utilization in Nursing facility Patients, 1992.

8. Amy Willis, ACE Inhibitor DUR in an LTCF, 1994.

9. Christian Patterson, Bed Sore Treatments DUE in a SNF, 1994.

10. Kristie Cunningham, Antidepressant Drug Utilization in a Nursing Home, 1993.

11. Eric Chou, A DUR for Warfarin in Geriatric Paitents, 1993.

12. Kelli Pruett, Antiinfective DUR in LTCFs, 1993.

13. Sharon Youngblood, The Use of Pentoxyphylline in LTCFs, ,1993.

14. Laurie Wadsworth, DUR for Topical Glaucoma Treatment in an Intermediate Care facility, 1993.

15. Leslie Reynolds,Chronic Urinary Tract Antiinfectives DUR in an LTCF, 1993.

16. Karla Sanders, Nitroglycerin Patch DUE in a SNF, 1993.

17. Darla Daniel, DUR on Iron Supplementation in an LTCF, 1993.

18. David Mitchell, H-2 Antagonists Utilization in Nursing facility Residents , 1994.

19. Nick Lion, Pentoxyphylline Utilization in Long Term Care, 1994.

20. Micayle Williams, DUR for Sleep Medications in Nursing Homes, 1994.

21. Lee Turner, Thyroid Replacement Therapy in Nursing Facility Patients, 1994.

22. Steve Burch, Pain Medication Usage in LTC, 1994.

23. Julie Wunderlin, Parkinson Drug Treatment Evaluation in an ICF, 1994.

24. Meredith Potochnic, Cisapride and Metoclorpamide DUE in a SNF, 1994.

25. Mark Mullis, Warfarin vs. Aspirin in Post-Stroke Geriatric Patients, 1994.

26. Faith Malcolm, NTG Patch DUR in a SNF, 1994.

27. Stewart Bloodworth, Oral H-2 Antagonists Use in an ICF, 1994.

28. Vanessa Daves, Diuretic DUE in a Nursing Home, 1994.

29. Chris Lowry, The Use and Proper Dosing of Digoxin in Nursing Home Patients, 1994.

30. Amanda Reynolds, Oral H-2 Antagonists Use in a SNF, 1994.

31. Ann Butler, DUE for Topical Glaucoma Medications in an ICF, 1994.

32. Felicia Rosenblum, Calcium Channel Blockers DUR-Monitoring Guidelines and Side Effects in a Geriatric Population, 1994.

33. Cleve Tyre, Diabetic Medication Use in Nursing facility Patients, 1995.

34. Timothy Woodward, Antipsychotic Drug Use Evaluation for LTCFs, 1995.

35. Kennon Tyre, Chronic Urinary Tract Antiinfective Evaluation inan SNF, 1995.

36. Leslie Thompson, Benzodiazepine DUE for Nursing Facilities, 1995.

37. Carla Sumey, Agitation and Antipsychotics Effects in a SNF, 1995.

38. Dennis Sims, Digoxin Drug Utilizations Evaluation in an LTCF, 1995.

39. Polly Parker, HIgh Cholesterol Treatment in the Elderly, 1995.

40. Russell Prescott, Evaluation of theophylline therapy in the Management of COPD, Patients in a SNF,1995.

41. Tre Reinhardt, Pentoxyphylline DUR in a SNF, 1995.

42. Debra Boatner, Antiepileptic Drugs: Medication Utilization Evaluation, 1995.

43. Keith Enterkin, A Review of Angiotensin Converting Enzyme Inhibitor Use in the Treatment of Congestive Heart Failure Among Geriatric Nursing Home Patients, 1996.

44. David Vest, H-2 Antagonist Usage in a NF Population, 1996.

45. Beth Knight, Drug Utilization Review on Diabetic Medications,1996.

46. John Smith (deceased), Drug Utilization Review for Nitroglycerin in an LTCF, 1996.

47. Dustin Strickland, The Usefulness of Digoxin Serum Levels in the Control of Digoxin Therapy, 1996.

48. Scott Goodnight, Antiinfective Dosing and Renal Function in The Elderly, 1996.

49. Wes McConnell, DUR of Scheduled Acetaminophen in Frail Nursing Facility Patients, 1996.

50. Alec Mathis, DUR for Hypoglycemic Agents in LTC, 1996.

51. Ben Kelly, DUR for NF Hypnotic Medications, 1996.

52. Aimee McCrae, Nonaggressive short-term nutritional supplementation in a nursing home population, 1996 (see abstract no. 73 and research publication no. 91 above)

53. Laura Arons, Kim Crouse, Lisa England, Allison Gilmore, Mark Gilmore, Nick Patel, Osteoporosis Risk Assessment and Treatment in a Nursing Facility, 1996.

54. Bob Anderson, Kerry Matheny, Mark Novack, Chi Akoh, Raj Janampally, Evaluation of The Treatment of Depression and Dementia in A nursing Facility, 1997 (see abstract no. 82 above)

55. Charles Guerrero, Heath Gurr, Melissa McNab, Jeff Richardson, Evaluation of Secondary Prevention of Heart Attack and Stroke in A Nursing facility, 1997.

56. Lynne Beach, Tamara Crosby, Katherine Lucius, Jennifer McJunkin, Diabetes Mellitus Prevalence and Treatment Outcomes in a Geriatric Nursing Home Population, 1997.

57. Stacy Burke- Diabetes Education In Community Pharmacy -ACPE Proposal, 1997.

58. Stacey Bailey and Tanya McElheny, Fall Risk Analysis in a Nursing Home, 1998.

59. Lynne Beach, Deaths, Hospitalizations and Weight Changes in Diabetic vs. Non-Diabetic Patients in a Geriatric Nursing Home, 1998.

60. Kris Bedenbough, Stephen Heape, Heidi Howard, Ben King and Jay Lilly, NSAID Evaluation in Long-term Care, Summer 1998.

61. Jonathan Canterbury, Stephanie Dilliard, Deena Massengale, Billy Thurmon, Dee Dee Whiten, A A drug Utilization Evaluation on Possible Drug-Related Falls at ___Nursing Home, fall 1998.

62. Russell Seagraves, James Jordan, Tara Thurmon, Michael Strange and Jason Wade, Falls and Psychoactive Drugs, Winter, 1999.

63. Bolaji Akindoju, Allison Budnick, Angela Jackson, Andrew Rains, and Angel Shinn, Falls in Nursing Home Residents: a retrospective study of fall risk in nursing home residents, Summer, 1999.

64. Megan Horner, Falls and Psychoactive Drug Load, Summer 1999-2005.

65. Lee Peeler, Jin Gao, Beth Holloman, Enrique Puertos, and Allison Swann. Polypharmacy evaluation in a Skilled nursing facility, fall, 1999.

66. Alan Campbell, Robert Marx, Trisha Owen, Suzanne Wagner, Suzie Slaughter, Pain Assessment in a skilled nursing facility, Spring, 2000.

67. Eric Erwin, Sarah Akbari, Larry Hill, Lynsey Bethel and Theresa Oluwasusi. Fall risk intervention results. Spring, 2000.

68. Emily McWhorter, Mellisa Odom, Jeff Goforth, DeeDee Waters. DUR of Depressive Symptom Assessment and Antidepressant Effectiveness, Fall, 2000.

69. Beth McGowan, Ski Williams, Chris Parker, Cardiovascular drug DUR in a LTCF, Spring, 2001.

70. Bob McWhorter, Meredith Harrison, Brant Razor, Josh Upton, Tommy Eades. Pain Assessment and treatment in a nursing facility. Summer, 2001.
71. Crystal Harrell. Amy Thompson, Shawn Nelson and Lawson Swint. Osteoporosis and fall risk assessment and treatment in a long-term care population. Fall, 2001.

2002-2005 on request

Post Doctoral Students
1. S. Bayoumi, Ph.D., University of Cairo, 1971, “Hydergine Bioavailability”, (with J.T. DiPiro). 1983 4.

2. M.J. Miller, Pharm.D., Philadelphia College of Pharmacy, 1984,”Transdermal Nitroglycerin Efficacy”, (with W.G. Erwin).

3. Mark R. Morton, Pharm.D., Mercer, 1985. Merck Fellowship in Geriatric Drug Therapy, (with W. J. Spruill) 1985 1986.

4. Louise Mallet, Pharm.D., MCP 1980, Merck Fellow (with W.J.Spruill), 1986 87 and 1987 88 as ASHP Fellow.